About Me

Hello fellow readers,

I’m Trupti!

I’ve created this blog for a university project with the aim that I can continue building it even after the course finishes.  I am a Digital Marketing enthusiast and I love everything about Social Media, Content Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Online Advertising…#thelistgoeson…

This blog is for those who fit into the middle section of this Venn diagram…

Venn Diagram

It is for marketing enthusiasts, interested in the candy industry (like me!)…or I guess you can also read it as those interested in candy, that want to know about how they do their marketing! Else, it is for anyone that cares to read what I have to share!

Get in touch
Share some tips, ask for any advice, ask me questions,  challenge my thoughts, suggest what I can be posting on…I’d be happy to hear from you. In return, I hope to make it a fun, enjoyable and a nice read. Use the contact form or tweet at @Dig_Mktg!

Let’s get started…